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StringThis started when two musicians like you searched far and wide for ways to save money on strings. They discovered great deals on unpackaged strings from C.F. Martin & Co. and realized the benefits of buying bulk: you can save up to 90% on your strings, store your strings straight (not coiled up tightly), and most importantly, always have a fresh supply on hand. With the help of Yahoo Small Business, StringThis got setup on the internet to share their discovery with the world!

That was five years ago; today, we serve thousands of musicians like you, selling both our famous Martin strings as well as name brand pre-packaged strings like Elixir and D’addario. We sell ‘by the box’ instead of individual sets, because, as a small business, we know the value in buying bulk -- but more importantly, as musicians, we know the value of always having strings on our instruments that sound good, feel good, and don’t cost a fortune! Our customers, like you, are out on tour, playing gigs every weekend, leading worship in churches, recording in studios, even operating repair shops or music stores of their own. They help us spread the news about StringThis around the world!

Robert and Mark now operate StringThis here in Little Rock, Arkansas, where we moved in January of ’05. We like the pace of life here in Arkansas, and enjoy all that downtown Little Rock has to offer. We're still a Yahoo Small Business store, but since the move, we have devoted our time and resources to redesigning our website to meet the new demands of our growing business. You find great deals everywhere on our site, so stock up on your favorite strings, try out some of the Martins if you never have, and play some music!

Thanks, Mark and Robert of StringThis

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