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Home    Guitar Accessories    Guitar Picks / Plectrums    Dava Control Nylon Guitar Pick - 5 Pack
Home    Misc. Items    Dava Control Nylon Guitar Pick - 5 Pack
Dava Control Nylon Guitar Pick - 5 Pack

Dava Control Nylon Guitar Pick - 5 Pack

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Dava first introduced its Multi-Gauge design pick in 1996. Since then the original Dava Control has brought the idea of pick control to millions of musicians. All Dava Control Picks feature our unique multi-gauge grip, allowing you to change pick gauge on the fly simply by the way you grip it. Choke up on the tip for a hard gauge, or release the flexible center section for a soft gauge. It only takes a minute to get the hang of it, while at the same time you'll find all the nuances in between. After you've played Dava Picks you'll agree that they're more than simply picks-they're tiny instruments in themselves. The original Dava Control Pick is made from nylon, a very hardwearing, long lasting material with excellent sound qualities. Nylon makes a good "all round" pick popular with many players and manufacturers. We've been told it "practically lasts forever."

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