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DR Hi-Def Neon Multi-Color K3 Coated Electric Guitar Strings

DR Hi-Def Neon Multi-Color K3 Coated Electric Guitar Strings

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DR NEONs are super bright color coated strings that sound clear, bright and musical. Players are falling in love with the bright NEON colors and their remarkable sound. Super bright in daylight and under stage lighting, DRís NEON 100% black light active and glow strongly under UV lighting. NEONs are the first coated string to make no apologies. While NEONs last as long as a coated string should (three to four times as long as uncoated strings) they sound as good, or better, than uncoated strings.

DR Neon Multi-Color Electric Guitar Strings are compatible with the Rocksmith Guitar Game.

All (6) strings are coated for improved performance and corrosion resistance.


Lite                9              11            16           24           32           42


NMCE-9/46  Lite & Heavy  9            11            16            26            36            46    


NMCE-10     Medium        10             13            17           26           36           46


NMCE-11     Heavy            11            14            18            28            38            50

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