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Home    new items    Dunlop Bass Guitar Pick Variety Pack PVP117
Dunlop Bass Guitar Pick Variety Pack PVP117

Dunlop Bass Guitar Pick Variety Pack PVP117

Item #: DUN_PVP117
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Dunlop Bass Guitar Pick Variety Pack PVP117 6 Pack

PVP101 - Light/Medium 12 Pack Includes: Tortex .60mm, Tortex .73mm, Ultex .60mm, Ultex Sharp .73mm, Celluloid Shell (Thin), Celluloid Shell (Medium), Nylon Standard .60mm, Nylon Standard .73mm, Max-Grip .60mm, Max-Grip .73mm, Gator Grip .58mm, and Gator Grip .71mm.

PVP102 - Medium/Heavy 12 Pack Includes Tortex .88mm, Tortex 1.0mm, Ultex Sharp .90mm, Ultex Sharp 1.14mm, Celluloid Shell (Heavy), Nylon Jazz III (Red), Nylon Standard .88mm, Nylon Standard 1.0mm, Max-Grip .88mm, Max-Grip 1.14mm, Gator Grip .96mm, and Gator Grip 1.14mm.

PVP103 - Jazz III 6 Pack - Includes: Nylon Jazz III Red, Nylon Max Grip Jazz III, Carbon Fiber Nylon Jazz III XL, Black Tortex Jazz M3, Ultex Jazz III, and Ultex Jazz XL.

PVP106 - Medium Celluloid 12 Pack - Contains 12 medium gauge picks.

PVP107 - Heavy Celluloid 12 Pack- Contains 12 heavy gauge picks.

PVP112 - Acoustic Guitar 12 Pack - Includes: Ultex .60mm, Tortex .60mm, Tortex .73mm, Tortex .88mm, Tortex Flex .73mm, Tortex Flex .88mm, Shell Celluloid Thin, Shell Celluloid Medium, Nylon .60mm, Nylon .73mm, Nylon .88mm, Herco Flex 50.

PVP114 - Flow Variety 8 Pack - Includes: Flow Standard .73mm, Flow Standard .88mm, Flow Standard 1.0mm, Flow Standard 1.5mm, Flow Standard 2.0mm, Flow Jumbo 2.0mm, Flow Jumbo 2.5mm, and Flow Jumbo 3.0mm picks.

PVP117 Bass Variety Includes: 450R.96 Primegrip Delrin, 431R1.14 Tortex Fin, 426R1.14 Ultex Tri, 456R1.0 Flex Tri, 449R1.0 Max-Grip, 418R.73 Tortex

PVP118 Shred Variety Includes: 433R2.0 Ultex Sharp, 412R1.5 Tortex Sharp, 558R.88 Tortex Flow, 558R1.0 Tortex Flow, 549R1.5 Flow, 549R2.0 Flow, 471R35 Max-Grip Jazz III Black, 450R1.5 Primegrip Delrin 500, 450R2.0 Primegrip Delrin 500, 47RXLS Jazz III XL Stiffo, 427R1.38 Jazz III Ultex, 471R3C Max-Grip Jazz III Carbon Fiber

PVP119 John Petrucci Signature Guitar Pick Collection 6 Pack

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