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Hannabach Ukulele Strings 234MT Tenor

Hannabach Ukulele Strings 234MT Tenor

Item #: HAN_234MT
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Our newly developed Ukulele strings for your playing pleasure.

These strings, specially developed by Werner Hannabach for professional players, are now available to everyone!


5 models available
all Medium tension
Series 230 MT

for scale 35cm
A1, E2, C3, G4

Series 231 MT
for scale 35cm
H1 (B), Fis2, D3, A4

Series 232 MT
for scale 38cm
A1, E2, C3, G4

Series 233 MT
for scale 47cm
E1, H2 (B), G3, D4

Series 234 MT
for scale 40cm
A1, E2, C3, G4

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