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John Pearse KingPins - Bell Brass Bridge and Matching End Pin SetJohn Pearse KingPins - Bell Brass Bridge and Matching End Pin Set  

John Pearse KingPins - Bell Brass Bridge and Matching End Pin Set

Item #: JP_P-BR-SLT-FE-GRN-6-1
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Made of brass and meticulously crafted to exacting standards, these pins will never disappoint!


The Six Pin Bridge Pin Sets include the slotted French Eye of Ebonite and Pearl of our original pins AND the matching End Pin.


Sustain is the name of the game! Brittle-bronze, sometimes called by it's German name, "glocken-messing" (bell-bronze) is an extremely hard and very dense alloy. Because of its composition, it is able to effectively store any energy that is transmitted to it, which is why--for centuries--it has been used as a material for the manufacture of bells.


A great deal of the energy that is generated by the striking or plucking of an acoustic guitar string is dissipated at the bridge and therefore wasted. The more solidly-built electric guitar utilizes its string energy much more efficiently than the lightly-constructed bridge area of even the finest acoustic guitar. However, the new John Pearse KingPins eliminate much of that energy loss, acting almost like small energy 'batteries' at the bridge-end of each string, allowing a more efficient use of the string energy--and greatly improving both sustain and tone!


A guitar with good tonal balance, string to string, would probably open up considerably by the replacement of all six original plastic or wooden pins with the new Pearse KingPins.


Parisian Eyes were first developed in the Eighteenth Century Europe as a decoration that a maker of violin bows would add to his finest bows. It seems fitting to add them to the new John Pearse KingPins!

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