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Jose Ramirez Concert Classical Guitar Strings

Jose Ramirez Concert Classical Guitar Strings

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Since this firm was founded by Jose Ramirez I in 1882, it's main activity has consisted in the construction of high quality guitars and to date this traditional knowledge has been handed down from fathers to sons to daughters. To ensure a consistently high quality of tone, intonation and projection for their line of concert grade classical guitars, Amalia Ramirez has decided to offer her own brand of premium strings. The evolution of the modern classical guitar string took a giant leap during W.W.II when the traditional animal 'gut' strings were in short supply (gut was being used for medical sutures). Classical guitar maestro Andres Segovia started using fishing line from the DuPont company for some of his strings and encouraged guitar builders to pursue this new material. The result was the development of a much more reliable and trouble free E, B and G string for the concert classical guitar. Amalia Ramirez is pleased to announce the introduction of her new strings made from the absolute highest quality materials and manufactured to her own exacting standards!

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