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Guarantee/Return Policy

Our return policy is 100% satisfaction guaranteed, no questions asked.

Returning strings?
For a FULL refund you will need to return the un-used portion of your purchase in a US Mail Priority Box. Returns should be shipped to:

String This!
14800 Quorum Drive Suite 330
Dallas, TX 75254

Returning a guitar?
Please contact us for infomation on where to send your return. Guitars must be returned in the same condition they were shipped.

Having a problem with your order?
E-mail or call us. We'll work with you to make sure you are happy and get the product you need.

Bought the wrong product?
If you want to send back the un-used portion for a different gauge, style etc. that's okay too. Just remember, you will still be responsible for the return shipping cost.

Shipping costs
When returning product for any reason, the customer is responsible for the return shipping cost. On the off chance that we sent you something different from what you ordered, we will compensate you for the return shipping.

Let us know
Despite the fact that we have a "no questions asked" return policy, we still may ask you questions to try and improve our customer service.

In the end, our top concern is that our customers are happy.

Please feel free to e-mail us.

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