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I was kinda skeptical that I could get these strings for such a cheap price. Their no frills no bull cut to the chase mentality works great with me! I'll definitely recommend you to my friends, and I'll even come back, too! Thanks, guys!
Trevor, 3/12

Was amazed at how quickly I received my order. Was using D'addario strings and paying about $6.00/set. The stringthis strings sound as good or better than any I've tried. Now I can afford the luxury of not having to live with dead, worn out strings just to save money.
MIKE our 11179th Cutomer "Super fast service !"
Ricardo 11/16

"I am very happy with my order. By far, the best bang for your buck when it comes to Bass guitar 5 string sets. The strings seem to be of excellent quality so far after around 8 hours playing time on them. The strings seem to have a smoother "finish" on them, making them easy on the fingers."
Dana 11/5

"I wouldn't hesitate to order from here again."
Lynne 11/1

"I am really pleased with the level of service I have recieved thus far."
Steven 10/23

"Never had a problem with"
Peter 10/5

"I am most greatfull for the fine service & excellent quality of the merchandise."
Tim 10/4

"I Play out as a single and change my strings every month . at this price it isn't so painfull. I think they have a great sound, but what do I know I've only been playing Country for fifty years !"
Dick 9/25

"The order was shipped complete and very quickly."
Joseph 9/24

"These strings sound great on my guitar!"
Geoffrey 9/24

"Those genarically packaged strings are great! Whatever brand they are...they feel & sound terrific. And the price and turnaround time are great too. You have a new customer. Now...if I can just get my bassist to try it too ! "
Mark 9/10

"I received them within days of my order. The strings came in the carry tube I ordered. It's a great way to store them and the ease and convenience to replace broken and old strings is super... The price and quality are first rate. I will be purchasing all of my guitar strings from from now on...."
William 9/3

"I've already recommended them to several of my friends...Great quality product at a reasonable price..."
George 8/27

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